Statement of Company Policy:


It is the policy of Bowen Industrial Contractors Inc. to protect the safety and health of our employees. No phase of operations or administration is considered of greater importance than safety inthe workplace. It is the direction of Bowen and our management to ensure our employees and our client safety processes are aligned and followed to ensure success and prevent incidents.


Management provides a safe and healthy workplace, following correct operating procedures to illuminate the possibility of an incident. Bowen complies and exceeds mandated requirements with OSHA, MSHA, State and any additional safety requirements and regulations applicable to the operation.


The safety manager and supervision are responsible for the assignment and coordinating of the Company safety and health process and the development of employee and management people and leadership skills.


Our goal is the elimination of all incidents through cooperation of management, supervision and employees. Safety and health is equally as important to our operations as quality and efficiency.


Industrial injuries and property lost through incidents are needless, costly and preventable. Therefore, the Company has a safety and health process adapted to positive safety concepts and high management performance levels. All employees abide by the Company safety policy and are aware that safety performance is a condition of employment (hourly and management).

Organizational Responsibility and Accountability:

Management and every employee are responsible and accountable to prevent all on-the-job incidents. Therefore, the organization as a whole has the responsibility of incident prevention. Management provides direction and support for all safety procedures, practice and training. It is imperative management is fully informed of all safety and health issues to ensure they are addressed in a timely manner.

Supervisory personnel are directly responsible and accountable for training of all employees in their area of responsibility. Supervisors will ensure all employees follow the correct process and will take corrective action to eliminate hazardous conditions and/or practices.

Employees regardless of his/her position with the Company organization, must comply with the Company safety and health process. Every employee is accountable and responsible for his/her own safety, as well as the safety of his/her fellow employees. It is by every employee being familiar with the correct process of his/her job and doing what is necessary to ensure their safety that the Company attains and sustains the safe working conditions deserved by everyone.

First and foremost, Bowen’s goal is not to win awards or set records; Our goal is zero incidents and focusing on our people to ensure they return home safe and healthy each shift, each day.



Bowen has received 101 national and international, regional, state, and client safety construction awards since 1990.


One property work 15 years without an LTA bend over 2.4 million employee hours

Two additional properties have worked 14+ years without an LTA

One property has worked 10 plus years without an LTA


One property has worked 9+ years without an LTA


In 2009, 2011, and 14, all properties for incident free. In 2015, to date there are zero incidents reported at all properties.


Bowen has a three-year average TIRR of 0.11 in an industry that has an average TIRR of 8.00


Bowen’s  EMR is 0.67


It is clear that safe construction is the value that drives positive change and success within Bowen’s business. Consistency in our process takes the path to ZERO.