The Bowen Difference – Vision, Value, Excellence 

These are very powerful words to Bowen Industrial Contractors Inc., and they are the words of positive action throughout the organization. Headquartered in El Paso, Texas, and operating in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, the company has been in business for nearly half a century. Bowen employees have worked on some of the most difficult new construction and maintenance construction while ensuring ZERO injuries.

Pipeline Safety and Efficiency

At Bowen industries, we believe that preventative pipeline maintenance is key to eliminating problems with the pipeline and help keep the pipelines clean and efficient. We offer the best gas pipeline maintenance in the oil and gas industry. We have a proven track record with decades of years of experience with pipeline installation and want to be your pipeline maintenance contractor.

We offer maintenance and offer a full range of pipeline services. These include the pipeline construction, inline inspection, cleaning, testing, and drying. We work on crude oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines and are a leader in the pipeline industry. 

At Bowen Industrial Contractors, we have the pipeline inspection tools to examine the issues that can cause you problems. These include corrosion, pipeline movement, mechanical damage, and cathodic protection. Once we run a diagnostic test on the pipeline, we will do a hydrotest to check the integrity of the pipeline performing pipeline drying before the pipeline is put back in use.

Regular maintenance of the pipeline can include checking the pipeline valves throughout the entire pipeline system. We want to ensure that all parts of the pipeline function properly and that the isolation valves are being used properly to conduct maintenance at the appropriate time. We will check the pipe-to-soil connections and perform close interval inspections to verify that the pipes are in good working order, free of corrosion and leak free. 

Part of the preventative maintenance will include ensuring the right-of-ways are accessible and allows for maintaining security. In addition, we will make sure that all the rights-of-ways are clear and provide the access to respond to any emergencies that occur. If all of these preventative procedures are in place, we can ensure that your pipeline will run safely and efficiently year round.

One of the main issues that we see across all areas is leaky pipes. We offer the most cost effective means to detect and fix leaks in the pipeline. Our leak detection team consists of Professional pipeline contractors  who are certified and will ensure your pipeline integrity. 

We as Bowen Industrial Contractors provide Pipeline Companies with required support and assistance on pipeline maintenance projects 24/7 and will be your go to company for quality and efficiency.  We have the correct personnel from skilled 1, 2,3, and 4 laborers, CDL drivers, heavy equipment operators, welders, welders helpers, and damage prevention inspectors. Assisting in the remediation of in service gas lines, testing, installing new lines and Pigging.

Emergency Pipeline Maintenance

At Bowen Industries, we take every situation seriously. Any small oil or natural gas leak can become a danger not only to the environment, but to the crew and the client. In the case of an emergency, we get your pipeline flowing with efficiency and according to your needs and budget.  Bowen Industries will be ready to provide 24-hour emergency pipeline repair services when you need us. 

No company should have to go offline, so our goal is your goal – keep you productive and reduce your costs. Call us today at:  915-598-9100 for a FREE consultation. 


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