Pavement Markings

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These are very powerful words to Bowen Industrial Contractors Inc., and they are the words of positive action throughout the organization. Headquartered in El Paso, Texas, and operating in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, the company has been in business for nearly half a century. Bowen employees have worked on some of the most difficult new construction and maintenance construction while ensuring ZERO injuries.

Pavement Markings Specialists: 

At Bowen Industries we are a full service company offering stripe removal and pavement marking to meet your needs. Whether it is a small intersection or a major highway striping contract, Bowen  is ready to get the job done the first time and done on budget. We have specialized equipment and experienced personnel for all materials and application methods used in the Southwest.  

Types of Pavement Markings: 

  • Durable Striping Applications
  • Stripe Removal
  • Inlaid Striping
  • Conventional Paint Striping
  • Pavement Markers
  • Thermoplastic:
  1. Long lines Surface Applications:
  2. Lane Lines, Hold Bars on Roads and Highways
  3. Short Line Surface Applications:
  4. Crosswalk and Stop Bars, Legends, and Symbols
  • Preformed Thermoplastic:
  • Paint:

     1. Long lines Surface Applications:

  • Solid yellow lines
  • Broken yellow lines
  • Road markings
  • Broken white lines
  • Center line
  • Turn lanes
  • White lines separate
  • Yellow line marks
  • Solid white lines
  • Lane markings
  • Double white lines
  • Yellow lines on the side
  • Double yellow lines
  • Line painted

A. Lane Lines, Hold Bars on Roads, Highways, Military Bases and Airfield Markings, including Runways and Heliports.

_____2. Short Line Surface Applications:

_______A. Crosswalk and Stop Bars, Legends, and Symbols

  1. Road user
  2. Marks the shoulder
  3. Painting for Heliports 
  • Reflective Pavement Markers
  • Stripe Elimination by Hydroblasting W/ Vacuum Recovery
  • Parking Lots / Parking Garage:
  1. Stalls – Paint or Thermoplastic
  2. Concrete or Performed Plastic Parking Bumpers
  3. Traffic flowing
  4. Separate lanes

Types of Pavement Marking Materials: 

There are several types of marking materials, and each has unique advantages. We work with each client to assess your needs to determine which material will be best for your pavement marking needs:

  1. Solvent-Based Paints – we use only the best products which are approved for commercial use including acetone or epoxy-based paints. These type of materials are durable and will not freeze which makes it ideal for areas that experience cold winters.
  2. Water-Based Paint – this is the most eco-friendly and affordable option when it comes to line striping material. Although water-based paint is one of the most commonly used materials and easy to clean up, it is also the least durable. 
  3. Pavement Marking Tapes – tapes are a good fix for temporary or permanent road markings. If you are looking for permanent line striping, they can be inlaid into asphalt during paving or they can be grooved into paving. 
  4. Thermoplastic Paint – this is the most common type of paint used on highways and parking areas due to its extreme durability. Thermoplastic road markings are applied using a specialized torch that heats both the asphalt and the paint so the materials bond. This makes for durable and lasting striping. 

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